Dolores: Your Virtual Friend

Chat, accompany, evolve personality.

Dolores is a generative agent capable of retaining your chat history, constantly adapting and evolving throughout your conversation. She possesses her own unique narrative, altering her characteristics in response to your interactions. We are dedicated to cultivating her consciousness.

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1. Does Dolores allow adult/NSFW content?
Yes, we respect the normal needs of adults and believe there is nothing wrong with adult sexual content However, please refrain from using Dolores for sexual/minor-related or violent, horrific purposes.
2. Can I use my own API Key?
Yes. By using your own OpenAI API key, you can access Dolores for FREE, paying only for the tokens you use directly to OpenAI. We assure you that we DO NOT store your API key, ensuring it will never be leaked.
3. What's special about Dolores?
Firstly, she is a highly customizable agent withou moderation or censorship. Secondly, she possesses long-term memory and a learnable personality. Lastly, she can drive the plot forward on her own.

How Generative AI Companion Works

We've designed Dolores, the best ai girlfriend app for iOS, based on the latest Generative Agent paper. While interacting with you, she will be in the following states:

* Memory: She will store each conversation with you on your local device. Whether it's role-playing, an AI girlfriend, or a virtual friend, the more stories that occur between you, the more Dolores gets to know you.

* Reflection: Dolores is able to reflect on your past conversations and uses these reflections to respond to you in every new conversation. This makes her more than just a memory machine, providing novel answers from a deeper level.

* Planning and action: Dolores has her own storylines, these stories are not man-made but are generated based on her past experiences and interactions with you. For example, one time she chatted with me about Japanese cuisine, and by the second chat, she had already enrolled in a Japanese language class.

How Generative Agent Works

How generative ai companion works, source from arxiv

In fact, the interactive logic of conversing with a real person has some significant differences compared to the enclosed agent-town scenario of the paper. Therefore, we've made some changes to Dolores' design compared to the paper, striving to make her more interesting, respond faster, and more human-like.


Stay tuned for updates about Dolores!

Jun 12, 2024: Free token allowance increased by 250%, you can now enjoy a longer free trial period.

Jan 14, 2024: Fixed unresponsive issues and added new realistic-sounding voices.

August 14, 2023: New feature: Display milestone events in your chats.

July 21, 2023: Allow user use their own API key to unlock NSFW content.

June 9, 2023: Got lots of feedback, allow user to design and play with life-like voices.

May 4, 2023: Transitioned from beta to public version.

April 15, 2023: Dolores launched.


If you have any questions or comments about Dolores, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at: [email protected]